DIOMEDES : Distribution of multi-view entertainment using content aware delivery systems



The DIOMEDES project (2010-2013) focussed on new methods for the compression and delivery of multi-view video and multi-channel audio to users. In this collaborative project, funded under the European Union FP7 ICT Networked Media research programme, a 3D Peer-to-Peer (P2P) distribution system was developed. Novel video compression techniques are involved in the test bed. The geographically distributed network of peers is set up in UNIS, KU, IDMT and IRT. The captured 3D video is available for research purposes and comprises three scenarios:

  • Music: musicians playing as a band. The video was captured with HD 1080p25 format.
  • Fencing: dense sportsmen movement. The video was captured with HD 720p50 format.
  • Lecture scenario: The video was captured with HD 1080p25 format.
  • The University of Surrey coordinated the project, with partners including the Fraunhofer Institut and the Institut für Rundfundtechnik. Project's budget: 3,6 million euro.

The public deliverables are available here, describing a.o. the P2P multi-description media streaming architecture (D6.5) and the properties of the final proof-of-concept prototypes (D7.7).

Hanneke Smulders